She. He. She
director: Polina Leonova
The history of one conflict framed by another. A black-and-white tragicomedy with no beginning and no end.

He and She are young and irreconcilable, but still close in spirit people. They are not able to live without each other, but their relationship is destructive. He and She are so absorbed in themselves and the conflict they have nurtured that they completely do not notice the tragedy brewing around them. The situation changes when the world itself breaks into their reality: first a creepy voice outside the door, then an unknown person with a megaphone outside the window, and finally, she is a mysterious denouement.
Best Film
Festival of Student Short Films «Grach»
The film crew
Polina Leonova
Maria Mamontova
Original author-screenwriter
Polina Leonova
Maria Mamontova
Polina Leonova
Sound editor
Lisa Anikushina
Ulyana Murashova
George Neparidze
Ilya Rogatkin
Alexey Yakovlev
From the creators
She. He. She is a movie that needs to be watched in silence. Not only to watch, you need to listen it carefully. The plot consists of fragmentary actions of the main characters, and if you feel the connection between them, a common multi-layered puzzle will develop.

This film is an emotion about what sits inside, like in a tin can, and finally breaks out. It's as if the heroes themselves are sitting in a tin can, and the outside is trying to get into their closed world.

Thoughtful viewing of both the external and internal world to you.
Polina Leonova
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