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For two years now we have been telling you about cinema and its importance. Cinema has always been a litmus test of social and political situations around the world.

Today we want to address our Russian, Ukrainian and foreign audiences. War is an unacceptable and bloodthirsty action, which has no excuse. We oppose military action, the death of people and hatred between peoples.

Despite everything that is happening, we need to keep working. We have decided to suspend coverage of high-profile premieres and to focus on anti-war cinema. All we can do now is continue to educate you. Films will speak for us, we are just a guide.

We are against war. Stay safe and take care of your loved ones.
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Watch Your Men: Masculinity from the '80s

by Yar Varsobin

In the world's history of patriarchal heteronormativity the notion of masculinity is a staple, why would it ever change?

The image of raging men in ripped clothes, firing a gun, causing colossal destruction in the epitome of revenge, is still a common understanding of masculinity translated through mainstream cinema. But the longer we live, the less defined the notion of masculinity becomes. It tends to change as a reaction to cultural globalization as well as economical and political situations in the world. This leads to the main question – what expectations should a male character meet now to be considered 'manly'?
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David Church about post-horror — of one of the most important and divisive movements in twenty-first-century horror cinema.
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