The Matrix Resurrections — No More Drama

by Diana Ushkar


Eighteen years went by since the last part of The Matrix trilogy was realized, and here it is – the long-awaited fourth part, The Matrix Resurrections (2021). Many fans all over the world have been dying to know what the continuation will be, where the story will lead us. And the last The Matrix part ended up completely not reflecting the expectations.

The point is, The Matrix Resurrections is something completely different from what we've seen before, in the tone and mood of the narrative part, in images of the characters.

The Matrix Resurrections ruins the dark and serious atmosphere of the universe, created in the previous parts. The movie is not a drama any more.

Let's, first of all, look at the colors of an image. The world is not cold green or gray anymore, but is instead bright, in the best Hollywood traditions. We will not dig deeper into the plot of the film, in order not to give out too many spoilers, but will mention one important thing – humor. In The Matrix Resurrections humor is widely used. That seemed impossible in the setting of previous parts. This film mocks the universe and concept of The Matrix itself, it shows in a comedic side the characters of Neo and Trinity. But the apogee of the humor is Morpheus. The character, who has always been the core of discretion and wisdom, in the last part is reborn as a funny guy who doesn't hesitate to dispense jokes even in the most straining moments of the story. The comedian part doesn't allow you to perceive the story as the same Matrix. It is now more of a classical Hollywood blockbuster than a drama we all are used to.
If we speak about blockbusters, let's analyze the action shown in the movie. I would say – it is the redesign of classics. In this movie, we can see all the most popular fight or action scenes from the trilogy reshot on the better camera, and that is it. These scenes include Trinity's first fight, helicopter scene, a motorbike chase, et cetera. Speaking about Neo, he's reached the immortal level of his abilities and is now more of a John Wick type of character than Neo we are used to: Neo, who wasn't sure about his talent, who made mistakes, who knew what it's like to be in danger. The new Neo doesn't have all these traits and thus it's harder to empathize with him.
Concluding all this, I may say that The Matrix Resurrections is the outcome of the long way of turning the original story into the classical Hollywood blockbuster. In the movie you can see familiar scenes and hear familiar names, but you realize that it's something completely different, something naive and light, with humor instead of despair and drama. It may be perceived in two points of view. On one hand, it seems like a fresh sight to the story, the comedian interpretation of The Matrix is what no one of us had expected. The movie doesn't try to simply continue the story with intention to make money on nostalgia but tries to make something creative. On the other hand, in the film there's a phrase that says that "they" took everything that mattered to you, all your sufferings and turned it into the form of entertainment. This is the explanation of how some of the fans might feel. We appreciate The Matrix for its unique story full of drama and despair, for its seriousness, so turning this into a joke might feel like a slap in the face.
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